Sidney Crosby, NHL Poster Boy

Sidney Crosby is the face of the NHL. He is the poster boy.


So was Eric Lindros.


Now he’s the poster boy for concussions.


Sidney Crosby has had a magnificent career. Some would say greatest of all time, others say top 10. No matter where you place him among the legends of the past there is no denying his magnificent skill. Is producing at a rate like no other in this low scoring, salary cap era, but we could lose the talent of the generation too soon to concussions.


When should Sidney Crosby call it a career? When he accomplishes every feat? I can’t think of one he hasn’t done. If I were to list all of the awards, trophies and honours he’s won it would take up the entire article and he’s not even 30. Concussions have riddled this mans career, and in 2012 in an interview with Peter Mansbridge he claimed that the thought of retiring had crossed his mind after missing nearly the entire season from injury.


Eric Lindros had 8 concussions throughout his career to end it and missed a total of 116 NHL regular season and playoff games. Crosby has had half the concussions Lindros had, but has missed 115 NHL regular season and playoff games. He’s one game away from matching the the concussion poster boy. Sid could retire today and have a more awarded and distinguished career than most through the past 100 years of NHL history. So why doesn’t he? Passion is probably why.


When does your health mean more than your career?

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