Was Cam Talbot Snubbed of a Vezina Nomination?

In the 2014-15 season, Cam Talbot was backing one of the greatest goalies in the world with Henrik Lundqvist. Then in early February The King went down. He took a shot to the neck and even though he finished the game, it was later found out he was to be out for a long time. Everyone thought that the Rangers season was all but finished, but then Cam Talbot stepped up to the plate playing 23 games between February 4th and March 26th. He posted a 0.934 save percentage in that time and won 16 of those 23 outings. This proved that he was more than just Hank’s backup.


Fast forward 2 years.


We just finished playing game 6 of the Stanley Cup Western Conference semi finals between the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers when the Oilers came back from a three game losing skid to curb stomp the Ducks 7-1. Talbot saved 34 of 35 shots. He has been one of the main reasons the Oilers have made the playoffs, let alone still be in it. The other reason, of course, is Connor McDavid.


Talbot played 73 games this past season winning 42 games. This tied the league high and broke Grant Fuhr’s franchise best of 40. We’re talking about a franchise who has had the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri and Paul Coffey on it and that record was just broken? By a team who in the previous year finished second last in the league. How does this goalie not get in the top three of voting for the Vezina? Braden Holtby was the other goalie to post 42 wins this season, Sergei Bobrovsky should win it this year in my own opinion, and then there is Carey Price who played in a kind of off season. Mind you, an off season for Carey Price is still a great season, but I feel like that spot could’ve been Talbot’s if the other goalies name wasn’t Carey Price.


Now who knows, Talbot could have been fourth in Vezina voting this year. We won’t know until the official voting has been released but for the time being, Cam Talbot could be the biggest snub of the year!

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